Stable Diffusion Sampler Guide

Stable Diffusion utilizes algorithms known as samplers to process text prompts and generate corresponding visual outputs. In this Stable Diffusion Sampler Guide we will delve into the mechanics of these samplers, examining their distinct characteristics and their influence on the ultimate image outcome.

What are Stable Diffusion Samplers?

An image can be conceptualized as a composition of noise elements. Diffusion samplers methodically enhance this noise, following the instructions provided by your prompt, until it materializes into the desired scene. Each sampler employs a distinct methodology in this enhancement process, influencing the speed, style, and level of detail in the resulting image.

The Stable Diffusion Sampler is responsible for carrying out the denoising steps. In our experience, most samplers converge toward generating a similar image as the number of Sampling Steps are increased. The comparison at the top of this guide for reference.

Popular Stable Diffusion Samplers

Here are some commonly used diffusion samplers (also called equilibrium samplers):

1. DDPM and DDPM++: DDPM and DDPM++ excel at stability and control. They meticulously refine the noise, leading to high-fidelity, photorealistic outputs. While slower than others, they’re ideal for capturing intricate details and preserving realism.

2. PPLMS: PPLMS sacrifices some precision for lightning-fast generation. It prioritizes progress over polish, making it excellent for brainstorming ideas or exploring multiple iterations quickly.

3. Ancestral Samplers: Ancestral samplers like ddim and sde add controlled levels of noise back into the refining process. This can lead to unexpected twists and turns, resulting in quirky, dreamlike outputs with unique textures and details.

4. DPM Adaptive: DPM Adaptive adjusts its steps based on the image’s progress. It starts slow for critical details and speeds up when everything aligns, achieving a blend of control and efficiency.

5. Euler A: Euler A is a fast sampler, similar to base Euler sampler. It generates predictable results for the same seed and settings. It can potentially yield less refined or detailed images compared to slower samplers like DDPM.

6. K_LMS:

7: DPM++ 2S a Karras

If you are after hyperrealism DDPM might be the best sampler.

Stable Diffusion samplers are like paintbrushes. Each holds a unique ability to shape and color the image generation.

This guide is an introduction to Stable Diffusion samplers.