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  • Troubleshooting GIMP plug-ins on macOS

    Troubleshooting GIMP plug-ins on macOS

    Getting Python plugins working in GIMP on macOS can be a bit tricky. GIMP on macOS uses a bundled Python environment, often located within its application directory. This environment can have subtle differences in module structure and import behavior compared to system-wide Python installations. Here are some steps you can try: 1. Make sure the…

  • GIMP Stable Diffusion Integration

    GIMP Stable Diffusion Integration

    The GIMP gets a significant creative boost with the integration of Stable Diffusion, a powerful text-to-image diffusion model. This collaboration opens up a new era of artistic possibilities, allowing GIMP users to harness the power of AI for image generation, inpainting, and object removal or image expansion. Stable Diffusion in GIMP allows users to craft…